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The Bachelor

Does Lesley Murphy Regret Not Telling Sean Lowe That She Loved Him?

Sean Lowe and Lesley Murphy had a strong connection from the moment they broke the Guiness Record for Longest On Screen Kiss during The Bachelor, but sadly she was sent home — in large part because she didn't say "I love you" to Sean. This abtastic man-babe revealed that he might have kept Lesley around had she come clean about her feelings. So, does this blondielocks have any regrets?

"I can tell you that I'm really happy with how everything worked out, and the only thing I can say is maybe I should've opened up a little more with him," she tells Reality TV World. "But I don't regret not saying the words, 'I love you,' because that's how I felt and I didn't want to say it then. And I'm glad I didn't say it then. I'm not going to throw those words out there, so we'll never know if it would've worked out differently, but I'm happy with life now and the way things are."

Lesley had planned on revealing her true feelings for Sean during the hometown dates, but she never got the chance. "I was falling for Sean, I really was, and I wanted to tell him in my hometown in Arkansas," she explains. "I thought that would be really special for me just because I've grown up there, my family still lives there, and so much love has come from there, that I thought it would be really special to tell him that there."

Who knows what would have happened if Lesley had dropped the L-word, but Sean seems comfortable with his decision to send her home — even though it was bittersweet. Do you think Lesley should have revealed her feelings to Sean, or did she make the right decision? Dish your thoughts in the comments, and to find out who Sean gave his final rose to, click here!

Source: Reality TV World