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Glee Season 4: Will Glee Project’s Ali Stroker Be Back? — Exclusive

Ali Stroker made it to The Glee Project Season 2 finale last summer, but the bubbly blond eventually lost out to now-Glee cast member Blake Jenner (Ryder).

She might not have won the show, but Ali still ended up getting on Glee. The NYC native appeared in the Season 4, Episode 14 wedding as Betty, a new love interest for Artie (Kevin McHale). But was her Glee gig a one time thing, or will we see her again soon?

Speaking exclusively with Wetpaint Entertainment, Ali reveals what it was like filming Glee, and what she knows so far about her future on the show.

Betty and Artie’s romance is so fun. Do you know if you’re coming back?
I think I'm going to be seen more, but nothing is confirmed completely. That's why I was so excited about the storyline when I first read it was that it felt like it was the kind of thing where this relationship could really grow.

What you would like to have happen between these two characters?
In my dreams, these two characters get together and either I transfer to McKinley or somehow there's a relationship created. On the show, Emma introduces me like I’m a really good singer. So maybe I'm part of the glee club at my school. And maybe we have dueling glee class or maybe I show up at Sectionals.

But, most importantly, I really do feel a very real connection between these characters. The writing, in my opinion, is so brilliant, and I'm just so fortunate to get a really good character. So yeah, I really do hope that these characters and this relationship last.

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You had sex!
I mean, first episode in…But here's the other thing that I really loved about the character: She's a bitch, but she's got this whole other side to her. The thing that I think is really special is that her connection with Artie allows her to be vulnerable. Of course, she puts up this front in the beginning because that's what she does with everyone. And then she's finally getting to know someone who really gets it.

This character, like myself, has always wanted to just be fully mainstream, just wanting to be like everyone else. She's the Captain of the cheerleaders in her high school. But there is that whole vulnerable side to having a disability or being in a chair that, growing up, I didn’t always want to tap into. I remember getting close to a group of girls who were in chairs, and it was amazing because there was this relief of not having to explain things, or “I don't have to feel weird talking about that. You just get it.”

And that’s what this character, Betty, feels. She's at this dance, and she doesn't really want to dance with him, and she's like, “Get away,” because she doesn't want to be seen with him because he's in a chair, and that makes her feel disabled.

But they get on the dance floor, and they have a blast because he gets it. He gets it. You dance in a chair. That's what it's like to be out on the dance floor where everyone's standing. She sees that in him, and he performs and I think she just admires him because he could do exactly what she was doing, which is push away, and he doesn't in that episode. He pursues her again.

She's clearly over-compensating with the bitchiness.
Right. She's terrified. She's like, “No. I will not date a guy in a chair. No way, no way, no way,” and then . . . it's Artie who’s kind and funny.

Kevin is such a sweetheart. Was he good to you?
Oh my God, Kevin McHale is literally one of the greatest people I've ever met, and it's heaven working with him.

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