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Glee’s Top 10 Most Shocking Kisses Ever!

Glee has given us some shocking hook-ups lately, between Santana and Quinn (who didn’t actually kiss onscreen, sadly) and Emma and Finn. But considering that Glee has been providing us with shocking smooches for years, how do these recent pairings match up against the classics?

With that in mind, here is our list of the ten craziest, couldn’t-see-them-coming kisses in Glee’s history. Pucker up!

10. Rachel and Puck (Season 1, Episode 8: “Mash-Up”)


Yes, we’re Finchel fans through and through, but there’s no denying that Puckelberry’s kisses were surprisingly hot, especially in Season 1. Perhaps the even more shocking kiss came in Season 2 when Rachel made out with Puck to make Finn jealous although Puck put an end to it. Come to think of it, Puck putting an end to a kiss might be the biggest shock of all.

9. Quinn and Finn at the kissing booth (Season 2, Episode 12: “Silly Love Songs”)


It’s no surprise that Finn and Quinn had feelings for each other they were a couple at the start of the series, after all but it was definitely a shocker when the two felt fireworks during this kiss in Season 2, while Quinn was still dating Sam. Finn has kissed some surprising people, Santana comes to mind, for one, but there’s no denying his smokin’ hot chemistry with Quinn!

8. Puck and Lauren (Season 2, Episode 9: “Special Education”)

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Lauren’s always kinda geeky, and Puck is Mr. Sex Tornado, so the fact that they hooked up during Seven Minutes in Heaven and then proceeded to have a serious relationship caught not only us but also the Puckster by surprise. Puck’s been part of quite a few surprising couples Pitty and Puckcedes come to mind but we’ll always have a place in our hearts for Pizes.

7. Kurt and Brittany (Season 1, Episode 18: “Laryngitis”)


No one can accuse Kurt of not being willing to go the extra mile, as we see him putting on his finest flannel and actually locking lips with Brittany on the couch to impress his dad. Not surprisingly, Burt wasn’t convinced, but Kurt and Brittany definitely earned their spot as one of our favorite unlikely couples. And just thinking about Kurt’s “manly” voice makes us crack up.

6. Puck and Shelby (Season 3, Episode 4: “Pot O’ Gold”)

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Shelby was known for some shocking hook-ups, as her sudden coach-on-coach smooch with Schue in Season 1 would attest. But kissing Schue was nowhere near as cray-cray as kissing and eventually sleeping with Puck. Don’t worry, Shelby, falling for Puck happens to the best of ‘em.

5. Rachel and Blaine (Season 2, Episode 14: “Blame It on the Alcohol”)

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Rachel’s kisses seem to have quite an effect on people, as her kiss with Blaine during Spin the Bottle makes him question whether he’s into girls. Their sober kiss rights the ship, but there was a moment when we weren’t sure whether Blaineberry might become a thing. Alas, it ended up as nothing more than songwriting fodder for Rachel, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

4. Rachel and Finn’s onstage kiss = YouTube infamy (Season 2, Episode 22: “New York”)

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It wasn’t the people involved in this kiss that made it surprising but the timing, since Finn probably could have chosen a more opportune time to get some lovin’ than in the middle of Nationals. Still, if Finn had chosen a more sensible location for the kiss, it wouldn’t have been nearly as romantic not to mention that he’s never been big on thinking things through.

3. Kurt and Blaine’s First Kiss (Season 2, Episode 16: “Original Song”)

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It’s hard to remember a time when we had all but given up on these two ever kissing, since Blaine had given Kurt the “thanks, but no thanks” speech. That’s why Blaine kissing Kurt shocked us in all the right ways. Blaine tells Kurt that he moves him and then these two move us. Plus, we’re always suckers for those blazers, okay?

2. Finn and Emma (Season 4, Episode 13: “Diva”)

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Glee has done the May-December thing before see: Puck and Shelby but this one was even more shocking because Emma is about to marry Schue. We’re still waiting to learn the consequences of this one, but given that Emma walked out on the wedding, Schue might find out about their kiss. Translation: You may want to wear a hat and a fake mustache for a bit, Finn.

1. Kurt and Karofsky (Season 2, Episode 6: “Never Been Kissed”)

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Here it is: Glee’s most stunning smooch! Back in Season 2, we thought the only reason Karofsky wanted to be around Kurt was to hurt him, so their kiss was completely jaw-dropping. And just thinking about how Karofsky has grown over the years makes us wish we could still see him on the show kissing more people and having real relationships. Here’s hoping.

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