Stassi Schroeder vs. Laura-Leigh of Vanderpump Rules: Who Is Crazier?
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Stassi Schroeder vs. Laura-Leigh of Vanderpump Rules: Who Is Crazier?

Vanderpump Rules stars Stassi Schroeder and Laura-Leigh have a lot in common, and it goes way beyond dating (or, in rebound Laura-Leigh’s case, banging) bartender/abs ad/model Jax Taylor. They both work at SUR, they both want to be famous, and they both have a substantial amount of crazy in them. Jax has a type!

It’s so hard to decide, but which of these two do you think is crazier? Let’s compare:

Most Terrifying Line
Stassi: “I am the devil, and don’t you forget it.”
Laura-Leigh: “You’re stuck with me and you’ll have to deal with me every f**king day.”

Relationship Signature
Laura-Leigh: Sex in bathrooms.
Stassi: “Pretty Girl Syndrome.”

Scary Girlfriend Move
Stassi: Once cancelled a shoot of Jax’s in Puerto Rica because she wouldn’t be there to chaperone him and the female model.
Laura-Leigh: While Jax was waiting on customers at SUR she loudly said to them, “We were dating and he just like stopped talking to me but didn’t give me a reason or an explanation. He doesn’t want you to know that he’s a horrible human being.”

Secret Past
Stassi: Chin implant.
Laura-Leigh: Meth addiction.

Confrontational Style
Laura-Leigh: Forced conversation.
Stassi: Scathing texts.

What They've Said About Each Other
Laura-Leigh: “You aren’t a princess, Stassi, you’re a spoiled little brat.”
Stassi: “What’s not crazy about Laura-Leigh? She’s a crazy-ass, Single White Female stalker.”

Run, Jax, Run!
Stassi: “I literally want to take every fork and knife and just graze over his body until he slowly bleeds to death.”
Laura-Leigh: “Sorry I’ve been f**king you every day without protection and been inside of you and told you really intimate things every day but I don’t have enough respect for you to tell you I’m never going to talk to you again? F**k you.”