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Shopping Mall Bans Noisy Kids

Apparently, retailers in Australia aren’t worried about discouraging parents from shopping trips to the mall. One shopping center, the Dee Why Grand in Sydney, has gone as far as to put up signs that read: “Stop. Parents please be considerate of other customers using the food court. Screaming children will not be tolerated in the center.”

Brenda Mulcahy, the manager of the shopping center, tells the Herald Sun that there have been endless complaints about children “running amok” and “screaming” in the food court, which is near the playground for kids under 5. “Mothers have to be responsible. We have had so many complaints,” gripes Brenda.

Hmm, so the center built a playground for the under 5 set, and now, they are furious about the noise. Seems like if a shopping center wanted to “protect” childless shoppers from loud children, they probably shouldn’t have a child’s rec area onsite — but that’s just our suggestion.

In the meantime, the sign is garnering praise from fellow shoppers who would rather spend their dollars in peace and quiet. One satisfied shopper says, “Finally something is being done for the people who don’t want their lives ruined by crying, screaming kids running around in public places.”

One commenter on the Herald Sun’s Facebook page said, “Go home if your kids are acting up. Just because you can’t control them, doesn’t mean the rest of us want to hear it.”

We certainly don’t agree with the tone of the message, but to be fair, we kind of agree with the sentiment — sometimes, the only way to control a public temper tantrum is to remove kids from the situation. However, the complaint at this particular shopping center is not that children seem to pick this mall to meltdown, but rather, they are being too loud while playing on the center’s playground.

Are we missing something? Why build a playground if you don’t want kids to come? Has the management at the center ever been on a playground? It’s not quiet. If you ask us, we think it’s the adults who are being the noisy crybabies!

Source: Herald Sun

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02.21.2013 / 04:34 AM EDT by Jo Aaron
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