The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 11 Spoilers: Andrea’s Frustrating Choices
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The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 11 Spoilers: Andrea’s Frustrating Choices


The Walking Dead Season 3, Episode 11, "I Ain't a Judas," is airing this Sunday, February 24 on AMC. Once again, Andrea (Laurie Holden) is going to be the swing vote between Team Woodbury and Team Prison. By this point, she realizes The Governor (David Morrissey) lied about heading over to the prison. What will she do about it?

Another detailed spoilers synopsis has been floating around the web. You can read it in full here at SpoilerTV. We can never be 100 percent sure about these things, but it fits with the Episode 11 sneak peeks and promos out there (watch below). Here's a look at what Tyreese and his prison newbies will be doing on Sunday, if the spoilers are correct. But since this will be a particularly big ep for Andrea, here are spoiler details on her role. Warning: If you were pissed at her before this episode, you probably won't like how it ends.

ANDREA CONFRONTS THE GOV: Here's the beginning of the Woodbury section of the episode, per the synopsis: "Milton and the Governor are going over all the records of the people of Woodbury. So far they have 20 people, even if they include the sick and impaired, their number is brought to 26. The Governor suggests they include men and women 13 and up. Milton turns and says you mean boys and girls? The Governor states that adolescence is a 20th century invention. They are men and women. Martinez is to arm and train them. Their number is now 35. Andrea walks in demanding why the Governor lied. He attacked the prison after he told her there would be no retaliation. He tells her that he went to negotiate because not only does he have biters at the gate, he can’t have aggressor smiles away. He then claims Rick’s group fired first and that they are blood thirsty. She doesn’t believe it and declares she will not stand by as her friends gun each other down. The Governor tell her it is too late. Andrea wants to go to the prison. He tells her if she goes to the prison, stay there. Andrea leaves and walks outside. A townie is arguing with Martinez that her son Noah cannot fight because he has asthma. Martinez will not listen to her so she calls Andrea over and tells her that her son can’t fight. Andrea says to Martinez and no one said anything about fighting. He is supposed to be teaching them to defend themselves, not raise an army. Martinez tells her to wake up, the only way to defend themselves is with an army. [...] The governor is meeting with his new army. When he stands before Noah, Andrea says that he is Asthmatic. The governor asks Noah if he every shot a gun before. When Noah responds just a BB gun, The gov tells him he is going to learn from the best. He then turns to Andrea and smirks."

The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 11 Spoilers: Andrea’s Frustrating Choices
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ANDREA ACTUALLY EXPECTS MILTON TO KEEP A SECRET FROM THE GOV: "Andrea is observing the front gate and how it is now completely sealed.Milton approaches and says it is sealed thoroughly. Nobody is getting in or out. Andrea asks Milton to swear he knew nothing of the prison attack. Milton says he would never advocate a move like that. Andrea believes him and asks Milton to cover for her, she is going to go to the prison and the governor can’t know. Milton asks he not to go,not to put him in this situation. Andrea insists this must be done, Woodbury is an armed camp with child soldiers…over what? Milton sees this as a betrayal but Andrea tell him its to put an end to the bloodshed.

The governor is sitting in his dark apartment looking into a mirror. Here moves his bandage. He then lights a match and holds it to his face,showing the scarred eyeless socket. A knock on the door, and the Governor puts his black eye-patch on for the first time. Milton enters the room and as the governors wishes he is reporting that Andrea has full intentions of going to the prison and she has asked Milton for help. The Gov tells Milton to help her. Milton at first thinks it’s a test but the gov insists he helps. As Milton is leaving, the gov tells him good work.

A walker is lurking in the woods. Andrea is hiding behind a tree, Milton behind another one. Finally Milton gets the walker’s attention. Andrea comes up behind the walker and knocks him down. As Milton holds down the walker Andrea chops off its arms with an axe. She then gets a rock and positions the struggling walker’s mouth over the rock and stomps on its head twice, knocking out its teeth and crushing its jaw. With a wrangling device, they are able to hold and keep the walker close like Michonne did with her pets. The commotion has brought other walkers to them. Andrea begins to hack away at them with the axe but one gets in close. Before the walker can attack, Tyreese comes out of the bush and puts a hatchet to the walker’s head. Tyreese and is group come face to face with Andrea and Milton."

Read more about Tyreese & company's part of this story here.

The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 11 Spoilers: Andrea’s Frustrating Choices
Credit: Gene Page/AMC    

TEAM PRISON IS NOT THAT HAPPY TO SEE ANDREA: Milton and Tyreese's group go back to Woodbury. "Andrea and her walker approaches the prison. Carl and Maggie are in the tower on lookout when he sees somebody. Maggie looks and recognizes Andrea. She tells Carl to get Rick and the others. The group comes running out. Rick, Daryl and Merle taking almost a military formation. Ricks yells to Andrea and asks if she is alone. She says open the gate as walkers around closing in on her. Rick repeats the question. Everyone in the prison is in position, weapons drawn. Andrea screams for Rick to open the gate. They let her in but quickly subdue her. Rick frisks her and repeats his question. Andrea, shocked by his treatment of her says she is. She is stripped of her bag and weapons. Rick coldly says to her 'Welcome back.'"

ANDREA CATCHES UP WITH THE GROUP THAT ABANDONED HER AT THE END OF SEASON 2: "Inside the prison Carol and Andrea hug. Carol says after Andrea saved her,she thought she died. Andrea is shocked to see Hershel on one leg.She looks around and asks where is Shane. No one answers. Lori?Hershel explains she had a girl, she didn’t survive. Maggie informs her of T-Dog’s fate as well. Andrea expresses her sorrow and reaches out to Carl but he steps back from her. Andrea asks if they live in the prison and would like to see it. Rick will not allow it. Andrea states she is a friend not an enemy. Ricks tells her they had the field and courtyard until her boyfriend tore down the fence with a truck and shot them up. Andrea tells them that the Gov told her they shot first. Rick calls him a liar. Hershel tells her that they lost a man, a prisoner who survived in there. Daryl says everyone liked him, he was one of them. Andrea insists she didn’t know anything about the attack. She didn’t even know they were in Woodbury until after and that’s when she came as soon as she can. Nobody believes her."

The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 11 Spoilers: Andrea’s Frustrating Choices
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"Andrea turns to Michonne and asks what she has told them? Michonne says 'nothing'. Andrea doesn’t understand how she was in Atlanta with them and now she is the odd man out. Glenn says the gov tried to kill Michonne and almost him and Maggie. Andrea points to Merle and says he had the finger on the trigger, he was the one who kidnapped and beat Glenn. Andrea cannot explain what 'Phillip' has done but she is trying to bring everyone together. Rick said there is nothing to work out and they are going to kill him. Andrea says there is room in Woodbury for everyone. Merle chuckles and says to Andrea she knows better than that. Hershel asks if the Governor said he wants to negotiate. Andrea says no, she came because he is gearing up for war. Daryl tells Andrea the next time she sees her bf, tell him he is gonna take his other eye. Glenn says they have been taking shit for too long, the governor wants a war he is gonna get one. Andrea turns to Rick and tries to reason with him. Rick said the only way she can make this right is to get them inside Woodbury. Andrea refuses and Rick storms off."

"Andrea and Michonne are walking outside. Andrea accuses Michonne of poisoning them to which Michonne replies she just told them the truth. Andrea insists she didn’t choose him over her. Once Michonne entered Woodbury she became hostile. Michonne says that is becauses he can see Andrea was under his spell the second she laid eyes on him and that she still is. Andrea refuses she is and insists she is just trying to save everyone. As Andrea walks away, Michonne tells her the Governor sent Merle to kill her, stopping Andrea in her tracks. He would have been sent to kill Andrea too if she had left with Michonne but Andrea didn’t leave. She chose a warm bed over a friend and that is why Michonne went back to Woodbury. To expose the governor for who he is, hurting Andrea. Michonne is the one walking away while Andrea is still, shocked and crying."

(Go Carol!) "Andrea holds Judith for the first time. She asks Carol what happened to Lori. Carol explains Lori and T-Dog’s demise. Andrea asks about Shane. Carol tell her Rick killed Shane, that the whole Randell thing was a lie to get Rick out in the field to kill him. Andrea says 'but Shane loved Rick' to which Carol replies 'Shane loved Lori.' Andrea points out that Rick has become cold and unsteady. Carol states he has his reasons. Carol brings up how Andrea has to do something about the governor. Carol suggests to Andrea to go back to town, sleep with the governor, give him the best night of his life,when his guard is down and he is sleeping, end this. Andrea doesn’t know what to say."

The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 11 Spoilers: Andrea’s Frustrating Choices
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ANDREA FAILS TO KILL THE GOV: "Andrea approaches the gates of Woodbury. The child soldiers demand she gets out of the car. When she gets out Martinez recognizes her. [...] Andrea walks into the Governor’s dark apartment where he is sitting I his chair listening to music. She tells him she went to the prison. They are broken, living in terrible conditions. The Governor asks if Michonne, Merle and Rick were in there. He asks if Rick sent Andrea back to Woodbury. Andrea says no, that was her call. The gov asks why. Andrea looks down. The governor stands up and walks over to Andrea caressing her face and tells her 'because you belong here.' She looks at him and they kiss. [...] Andrea wakes up and gets out of the governor’s bed while he remains sleeping. She walks over to her pants and takes out a knife. She slowly makes her way to the sleeping governor and puts the knife close to his neck. He remains sleeping. She stares at him for a few seconds. Andrea then puts the knife down and walks away from the sleeping governor to the window and stares out at the moonlight. End of episode."

Ugh. Andrea! Stop being the new Lori. But go Carol for suggesting such a devious move. Who knew she had it in her? Carol also warns Daryl that Merle isn't good for him, but otherwise Merle seems to make some progress with the prison group. It has to help that Merle fought with Team Prison last week when Andrea ... didn't. That said, does Andrea owe the prison group anything? She did save Carol's life on the Season 2 finale, and the group did just assume she was dead. They left her behind, without being sure. She's only alive because of Michonne. She doesn't really owe Rick & company a big apology — she didn't know anything about The Gov, just like they didn't know she was still alive — but maybe she should kill The Governor for Michonne. He'll never stop trying to kill Michonne, after the whole Penny thing.

Read the full synopsis here.

Source: SpoilerTV

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