American Idol 2013 Power Rankings: Season 12 Top 20 Guys! (SPOILERS!)
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American Idol

American Idol 2013 Power Rankings: Season 12 Top 20 Guys! (SPOILERS!)

Once American Idol 2013 starts getting down to the nitty gritty and the viewers are taking part in the voting, you realize that the folks behind the show are only human.

Inevitably, some hopefuls are given much more camera time than others. All of a sudden, someone will appear to have just shown up as a dark horse, but it may have been due to editing throughout tryouts. The perfect case in point is Josh Holiday, who made it into the American Idol Top 20 guys this season, but we barely know anything about him.

Thankfully, with the new format for the Top 40 'sudden death' Vegas rounds, we'll get to see each and every one of them in action in a solo performance. So when voting time rolls around, we'll at least have gotten to hear the people we are voting for more than once!

This early on, it’s difficult to gauge where the singers compare to each other, but given the way the judges have reacted to their performances so far (and our American Idol spoilers on who was cut during the first week of the Vegas rounds), we have our best guesses as to the power rankings at this point for the American Idol Season 12 Top 20 guys. (Note, this post contains American Idol spoilers as right now there are still eight guys left to be cut before the Top 20 on the currently aired shows!)

10. Paul Jolley - Although he messed up a bit during the Hollywood Week rounds, we've liked Paul right front the start. He's handsome, personable, sings well and has a smile that lights up a room. If he can get his voice totally under his contro, he could be one to watch.

9. Mathenee Treco -- His fourth time down the Idol Road, this native Bahamian has experience and enthusiasm on his side. His group performance with his fellow Math Heads was impressive. He’s a choreographer by trade, so we may be in for some great dance moves, too.

8. Cortez Shaw -- He may have made Randy Jackson and Nicki Minaj angry by taking on a Whitney Houston song, but everything we’ve seen beyond that has been amazing.

7. Vince Powell -- He’s flown relatively low under the radar thus far, but his unique sound and contemporary jazz style seems to have made the judges happy.

6. Gurpreet Singh Sarin -- “The Turbinator” can seemingly do no wrong in the eyes of the judges. After filling in the forgotten lyrics during his group performance with a bunch of jibberish, the judges laughed instead of being annoyed. Now that is something.

5. Nick Boddington -- The purity in his voice came through during his group performance, and even more so when he sat down at the piano for the moving solo rendition of “Stars”.

4. Charlie Askew -- Nicki might fight anyone who gets in the way of this unique dude, who says, “I glorify weirdness.” To say she loves him is an understatement. The effusive judge complimented everything from his style and sneakers (that didn’t make sense with his outfit) to his quirkiness and his singing. As she put it, “You have this quirky thing that is just so odd that it’s right.”

3. Burnell Taylor -- Since his initial audition in Baton Rouge, this guy has been on the radar of the judges in a big way. Despite some pitchiness during his group performance, the judges can’t seem to get enough of Burnell.

2. Curtis Finch, Jr., or “CJ” -- The consummate professional, C.J. oozes confidence, and the judges (and probably viewers!) seem to be under his spell when he sings. If he can keep his confidence from becoming arrogance, he could go far, or even all the way.

1. Devin Velez -- This guy could be selling out concerts right now. His performances have been flawless, and the judges have been in absolute awe of this Chicago native. As Keith Urban told him, “You were born to sing.” We have a feeling this Applebee’s employee will be putting the restaurant industry in his rearview.

As for the rest of the remaining American Idol 2013 Top 20 guys, we either haven't really seen them in action yet, we know they get eliminated tonight... or they just weren't all that impressive based on what we've seen so far.

Which guys would be in your Top 10 list? Let us know!

02.22.2013 / 05:10 AM EDT by Marnie Brodersen
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