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The Bachelor

Bachelor 2013 Hot Mess of the Week: AshLee Frazier

We love AshLee Frazier even more than we love the beef jerky we're currently clutching, but we're worried. So worried. AshLee's passionate feelings for Bachelor Sean Lowe have morphed from a beautiful flower into whatever the opposite of a beautiful flower is, and she can't stop crying with happiness. Not only did AshLee's eyes well up while she was picnicking with Sean in that desolate field, she could barely get through Polar Plunge Story Time without bawling.

Who knows if it was the happy memories or Tierra LiCausi's frozen toes, or the fact that AshLee was re-birthed like a beautiful mermaid in the waters around Sean's naked body, but lady was beyond emotional. Oh, and then Papa Frazier told AshLee's adoption story and she straight-up lost it. Girfriend was smiling + crying, laughing + crying, and looking pretty + crying, and meanwhile Sean was just like "....... no thoughts to be had by my brain."

Of course, then there were AshLee's interviews with ABC's traumatized camera men, who were forced to hang out with her as she went on a rant about how she and Sean are destined to be together. While we're sure Sean appreciates AshLee's enthusiasm, we fear that this lovely lady has forgotten that her man is also dating two other women, both of whom also happen to be obsessed with him.

Hopefully AshLee will get her head in the game and stop allowing her emotions to get the better of her, because we're fearful of what might happen to this delicate dew drop if Sean makes the mistake of breaking her heart.

02.22.2013 / 02:12 AM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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