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The Kardashians

Is Rob Kardashian Depressed? Huge Weight Gain Points to Yes

Rob Kardashian definitely seems to have had a hard time of things lately, ever since he and his girlfriend of a year, Rita Ora, split up. Given the fallout from the December breakup — the blowout on Twitter, the drastic weight gain — could it be that Rob is depressed?

In the February 17 episode of Kourtney & Kim Take Miami, Rob’s older sisters sure seemed to think so. Khloe told the confessional camera that Rob had been very stressed throughout the relationship, as well as when it was ending, because he had to keep it a secret. It sounds like the whole situation was really destructive for the 25-year-old sock tycoon’s self esteem.

Rob summed up his experience with Rita thusly: “All I did was waste a lot of money and gain 40 pounds.” Ouch! If that’s all we had gained from a year-long relationship, we’d be pretty depressed, too.

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In addition to Rob’s behavior on Twitter and his dramatic body transformation, he also was engaging in a lot of random hookups, as evidenced by his behavior in the Miami club he visited with his sisters and Scott. The elder Kardashians definitely seemed worried about Rob’s change in behavior, saying he’s not really the type who usually goes for casual sex.

Binging on empty calories and empty sexual encounters? Rob is definitely ticking some of the big depression boxes. However, it sounds like Rob is on the road to recovery now! Lately he’s been like his own personal trainer on Twitter, motivating himself to lose the now 50 pounds he’s gained since his stint on Dancing With The Stars.

We like that Rob is trying to be more healthy, but he should stop calling himself “fat boy” — positive reinforcement is where it’s at, Rob!

02.22.2013 / 04:06 AM EDT by Amber Garrett
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