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Teen Mom

Jenelle Evans’s Ex-Fiancé Gary Head Hits Up a Strip Club!

Teen Mom 2's Jenelle Evans has had it pretty rough. You know, what with her husband Courtland Rogers fleeing the state, stealing all her clothes, and calling her a loser. Not-so-good times, guys. Luckily, this Southern belle has found comfort in the beefy arms of her ex-fiancé, Gary Head!

These two recently made their relationship official, and have been cuddling nonstop ever since Jenelle moved into Gary's house in the wake of her separation from Courtland. But wait … wait, guys. Wait.

If Jenelle and Gary are rekindling their romance, why is Gary peeping on strip clubs in North Cackalacky? "Strip club with my crew!!!" this dude tweeted on February 22, causing us to spit-take our Mountain Dew in horror.

Look, we don't know what goes down in The Dirty South, but usually it's frowned upon for taken men to troll around strip clubs with their "crew." Unless, said crew includes Jenelle Evans, in which case we're more than a little concerned about the kinds of hobbies these lovebirds have taken up.

Then again, there's nothing more romantic than shoving dollar bills into a stranger's thong. Sigh, remember back in the day when Jenelle and Gary hung out at the aquarium? Those were such sweet, innocent, stripper-less times.

02.22.2013 / 09:30 PM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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