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Real Housewives of Atlanta

Kenya Moore Opens Up About Her Past Abusive Relationship and the Boyfriend She Claims Stabbed Her

Looking at the striking Kenya Moore, you’d have no idea that the former Miss U.S.A. had such a turbulent childhood and young adulthood, but growing up was far from easy for the Detroit native.

After she was rejected by her mother and raised by her grandmother, Doris Grant, Kenya struggled with anger issues. Although she was winning beauty pageants by the time she was 16, Kenya was also involved with a young man who Doris described as "cut out of the wrong cloth."

In an interview with People magazine that was printed back in 1993, Kenya opened up about her reportedly abusive ex, claiming that she ended the relationship after he stabbed her with a nail file.

Although no formal charges were ever filed, Kenya learned to be wiser about her choice in men. "If there is any sign of their being insecure, I won't get involved," she told the mag back in 1993.

Kenya even mentioned an abusive relationship she was once in during a chat with NeNe Leakes in Season 5, Episode 9.

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Source: People