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The X Factor

One Direction Frolick Around Naked in a Bathtub

Do you ever find yourself doodling pictures of Harry Styles' hair flop and think, "Ugh, I really wish Harry and his One Direction bros would gleefully splash each other in a gigantic bathtub while the world watches"? Because your prayers are about to be answered, tender souls. Well, kind of.

The guys have banded together with Britain's Comic Relief to raise money for poverty stricken people in Africa and the United Kingdom, and not only are they releasing a new song for the occasion, they're celebrating with a bath! And yes, said bath is part of One Direction's homemade music video –– which they made all on their lonesome in order to be able to donate typical music video costs to Comic Relief. Sigh, these guys are such do-gooders, we can't even!

Now, please prepare your bodies for the following miraculous events: One Direction dressed up in goofy clown noses, taking video selfies, frolicking in a fluffy bed, skipping majestically through Africa like a fleet of unicorns, lathering up their soapy bodies in the shower, bouncing around in bunny ears for no particular reason, doing pelvic thrusts into our souls, and erotically caressing innocent trees. Because Mother Earth loves One Direction just as much as everyone else.

It's all happening, people. And it's all completely amazing. Also, we need to immediately replenish our fluids with some gatorade.

Source: YouTube

02.22.2013 / 02:37 AM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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