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Revenge’s Gabriel Mann Teases the Return of Nemily!

Amanda Clarke’s death on last Sunday’s episode of Revenge, “Sacrifice,” will shift Emily Thorne’s mindset and mission. She’ll have a new focus on attacking the Graysons, but that’s not the only thing that’s changing.

"I think the audience can look forward to the return of Emily and Nolan with a vengeance," actor Gabriel Mann (Nolan Ross) told The Hollywood Reporter. "It's about starting to figure out how deep the Graysons' villainy goes. In some ways, I think they were humanized in the first half, specifically Victoria, but things are taking a really nasty turn."

Nemily’s making a comeback! Well, maybe not romantic Nemily (the way it should be), but the dynamic duo is back and better than ever.

Sure, Emily’s still with Aiden and Nolan’s trying to help Padma with her Initiative issues, but these two are solely devoted to one another until the end.

Are you excited to see them working together more in upcoming episodes? Tell us below!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter