The Vampire Diaries: Stefan and Damon’s 10 Biggest Fights (VIDEOS)
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The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries: Stefan and Damon’s 10 Biggest Fights (VIDEOS)

Family is complicated — and it’s only made more complicated by immortality. Just ask the Vampire Diaries’ Original family. Or, take a look at the Salvatore boys (like we even have to ask you to do that). They’ve been together for more than 100 years, they’ve fallen in love with the same girl (twice), and they don’t exactly always see eye-to-eye when it comes to vampirism. So whether they’re discussing feeding habits, murder, morals, a diabolical plan, or Elena Gilbert, it’s not uncommon for these two to duke it out.

Being brothers for over 100 years means that Stefan and Damon have been fighting for over 100 years. So, in honor of one of their biggest fights yet (Damon lying about sleeping with a sired Elena), we’ve rounded up 10 of the brothers’ biggest blowouts through the years. Get ready for a (sexy) testosterone explosion...

Stefan Forced Damon to Turn: The fight that started it all: Stefan forced Damon to feed on human blood to complete his transition, and in return, Damon promised him “an eternity of misery.”

First Half of Season 3: First, Stefan killed Andie. Then there was the fight about Damon having to save Stefan and the whole your-humanity’s-showing bit. That was followed by Damon stabbing Stefan for ruining the Homecoming plan to kill Klaus (which ended up saving Damon’s life). Then technically, Stefan snapped Damon’s neck at the Original ball... ugh. These boys and their tempers. We’re exhausted just thinking about it.

Stefan Punched Damon for Blood-Sharing: Stefan knocked Damon to the ground once again for a matter regarding Elena, but this time, he did it in public. And let’s not forget the Connor-related altercation just a few episodes later. You know, when Damon literally held Stefan’s heart in his hand.

“Thank you for being in love with my girlfriend.”: It was the first time Stefan acknowledged it out loud, and it was the first time the brothers physically came to blows over the young Ms. Gilbert.

The Entirety of Season 1: From their first flying-through-the-air-and-breaking-windows scuffle to the whole thing with Damon turning Vicki, resurrecting Katherine (but not really), and then killing Stefan’s bestie Lexi, Season 1 was a rough one for the boys. But in the end, Stefan still saved his brother from dying in a burning building. Aww.

Damon Lied About Sleeping With a Sired Elena: And that brings us to where we are now: Stefan is angry at his brother for sleeping with Elena, not telling him about it, and then not revoking Elena’s sire bond when he said he would.

Stefan Punched Damon for Kissing Elena: It was the return of Stefan’s emotions... and the return of his right hook. If vamping doesn’t work out, we’ve got a feeling Stefan could fare just fine in the boxing ring.

Damon Fed Elena His Blood: When Damon couldn’t bear the thought of Elena dying in Klaus’s sacrifice, he fed her his blood in a moment of desperation. What resulted was yet another Salvatore throwdown, which ended with Stefan getting stabbed.

Damon Thought He Kissed Elena: When Katherine showed up in Mystic Falls, she caused quite a bit of drama, including the moment when Damon kissed her thinking it was Elena. When he later admitted that to Stefan, the two ran around the Gilbert kitchen at vamp speed only to discuss it “later.”

Damon Gave Stefan Human Blood: Thanks to Sage’s influence back 1912, Damon convinced Stefan to feed on human blood, which led to him becoming the Ripper of Monterey as well as a friend to Klaus (and a more-than-friend to Rebekah). It wasn’t until 1942 that Stefan finally forgave his brother.

If we’ve learned anything from the Salvatore brothers’ many fights, it’s that boys will be boys, and that the bond of brotherhood is as unbreakable as Damon’s jaw. (Or perhaps it merely heals just as quickly.)