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Woman Forced to Give Birth Alone in Australian Hospital

There are some things we can do on our own and other things that are best left up to the professionals — giving birth, for example, should probably be handled by at least one person who sacrificed several years of their life for a slip of paper that says they know exactly what they’re doing.

Unfortunately for one Australian mom, Big Pond News reports that the hospital she chose in her hours before birth was a bit light on the fuss-over-you-to-the-point-of-being-smothering professionals — more like completely baron, actually. After refusing to leave Blacktown Hospital on Tuesday because she was told she was “still some way off giving birth,” the woman was moved to the maternity ward, where she gave birth to her daughter without the aid of a doctor the following morning.

“Other patients in the room had to help before medical assistance finally came after the woman had already given birth,” says opposition health spokesman Andrew McDonald. It was reported that she was also forced to take her own pain medication from her purse to help with the pain! Ten minutes after her daughter was delivered, the woman finally saw the faces of hospital staff.

The blame for the potentially dangerous mishap lands on a recent $3 million budget cut to the health system, which resulted in the supposed understaffing of the hospital that night.

However, Acting Director of Nursing and Midwifery at Blacktown Hospital David Simmonds told that the hospital had been fully staffed that morning and the woman had been regularly monitored and cared for. The woman has yet to complain of poor treatment or lack of care.

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02.22.2013 / 06:05 AM EDT by Emmalie Vance
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