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3 Reasons Revenge’s Emily Thorne and Jack Porter Should Not Get Together

Now that Revenge’s favorite stripper has slipped into the Atlantic Ocean, Jack Dawson-style, everyone’s wondering if Jack Porter and Emily Thorne will finally get together. There are plenty of reasons this union could be great, but we’d like to propose that they stay apart.

Here’s why:

1) Amanda Risked Her Lives For Both of Them!

How shady would it be for these two go get together after Amanda Clarke died saving Jack’s life and grabbing Em’s sisterly charm necklace? Oh, you literally made Baby Carl David grow up with Declan as mother? OK, well we’re going to go hook up in the musty Stowaway, BRB!

2) He’d Never Be Badass Enough

Jack may have been Em’s childhood honey, but times they are a changin’. Emily’s no longer that bright-eyed youngster who planned the pipe-cleaner wedding. These days she likes viciously attacking enemies and wearing black hoodies. And if we had to pick between little Amanda and big Emily, BA wins every time. And if the past 1.5 seasons have taught us anything, it’s that Jack clearly isn’t able to be that badass.

3) Nemily

If you really want someone to be with Emily who understands everything about her, it’s Nolan Ross. Sure, show producers have said they’ll never do that, but he really is the only one who could ever understand her. He knows all about her childhood and was friend with her father. Not to mention his baller status at being a pro Revenger!

Do you think Jack and Emily should get together? Tell us below!

02.23.2013 / 01:25 AM EDT by Rachel McRady
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