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The Kardashians

Are Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Arguing About Raising Their Baby?

Are Kim Kardashian and Kanye West butting heads over parenting styles? Their bundle of joy isn’t due until July, but it sounds like they are already having some serious differences of opinion on how to raise Baby Kimye.

So what’s the contentious issue of the day? Nannies. Namely, Kanye wants them and Kim doesn’t!

According to the Daily Star, Kanye wants to hire a whole team of nannies to help care for their baby. Kim, on the other hand, wants the new parents to care for their little one on their own, and is apparently insulted that Kanye thinks otherwise!

Of course, this daddy-to-be’s heart is in the right place. “Kanye worries she'll be juggling too much and thought a group of nannies would be what she wanted,” a source told the London mag.

Kim, being the industrious lady that she is, has reportedly already lined up personal appearances beginning in August, only a month after her baby is born.

Kanye is fine with Kim’s busy schedule, said the source, “But he wants to make sure they have all the support they'll need when the time comes.'' Kim, however, remains insistent that they can manage without a child-rearing entourage.

Things may have gotten a little nasty between the two if, as the Star reports, Kanye brought up Kim’s poor kitten Mercy as an example of why she’ll need help as a new mom. Apparently the source said that, “Kim got a kitten last autumn but was too busy to look after it so had to give it away. Kanye brought this up when he was arguing his case but it just made her even more furious.”

It would make us furious too if we were Kim, especially because Mercy was a gift from Kanye, and Kim had to give her away because it turned out she was allergic! But, you know, minor details.

While these disagreements must be frustrating, it's good that Kim and Kanye are having them already - July will be here before you know it!

Source: Daily Star