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The Bachelorette

Bachelor Nation’s Jaclyn Swartz Makes a Big Announcement!

Jaclyn Swartz, the funniest girl in Bachelor Nation (yep, truth bomb dropped), has a big announcement and we could not be happier for her. No, she didn’t finally make an honest man of Ed Swiderski. (You would have known because the terrifying animal sex sound alarm we installed on your phone would have gone off.) Nope, we’re about to get a little more intimate with the super brillz blondie.

How? Girl be bloggin. All the time. And not just on her amazeballs Bachelor Season 17 blog (which is fantastic, but limited by the show actually being on... which it won’t be soon). She purchased the very appropriate domain name “Blond Hair Don’t Care” and is sharing her views on such important things as men using emoticons.

In the coming weeks / years / forever, we can’t wait to read Jaclyn’s opinions on all the things. Like, for example, did you know that Jax has almost as many deal breakers as we do? For example, “Guys who wear cargo shorts…and for extra cringe factor, cargo shorts paired with running shoes.” We frequently have nightmares about just that.

So, do any of the guys in Bachelor Nation manage to make the grade? Well, considering one of Jaclyn’s ishes is “Guys who take selfies,” we’re guessing notsomuch.

Source: BlondHairDon’tCare

02.23.2013 / 05:58 AM EDT by Julia Wayne
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