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Boy Calls 911 to Avoid Going to Bed

To a 10-year-old, the worst thing in the world really could be bedtime during a school vacation, so according to Enterprise News, little Dan Davis did the only thing he could think of to help him in his time of need: He called 911.

Dan may have realized that he had done wrong, because he immediately hung up. It didn’t end there, though, as the response center is trained to return the call in case there really is an emergency. They also send over a trooper to confirm in person that everything is safe and sound.

When the callback came, Dan’s mom Shamayne Rosario answered, filling in the responder on the other end of her son’s definition of an emergency.

“Dan, would you like to talk to the police?” Shamayne asked her son, “Because you can’t be calling 911 when there is no emergency.” Dan did not want to talk.

If the police hadn’t decided to dismiss the incident, Dan and his mother would have been looking at a fine of up to $1,000 or two-and-a-half years in the house of corrections! Luckily, the officer who responded to the family’s home just decided to use the incident as an educational opportunity.

Dan’s mother also decided to ground him for two weeks.

We want to know: How would you have responded if your son or daughter had called 911 to avoid going to bed?

Source: Enterprise News

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02.23.2013 / 08:00 AM EDT by Emmalie Vance
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