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Jersey Shore

Jersey Shore Castmates: Where Are They Now?

From the moment we met the cast on the first episode of Jersey Shore, we knew we’d be in for one hell of a ride! From Snooki’s crazy first night at the house to all the drama that unfolded during that first memorable summer, things were never the same for us since. We fell in love with an amazing cast of characters, and even got a new roommate to love in Season 3 when Snooki brought home her meatball friend Deena.

Now that the show is over, we imagine the housemates are feeling the Shore withdrawal. Sammi recently tweeted, “What do you all miss most from Jersey Shore?!” We remember her crying as she left the Shore house on the final episode, and we definitely feel her pain. From hook-ups to heartbreak and all the hilarious moments in between, we have so many great memories.

Luckily we can still get our Snooki & JWOWW fix on their very own show. The girls have been doing great things since leaving the Shore house. Jenni is finally engaged to fiancé, Roger Mathews and writing her advice blog, while Snooki is currently working on a maternity clothing line inspired by her son, Lorenzo. The girls recently did an interview with Conan O’Brien, and Snooks has been hard at work fundraising to help the victims of Hurricane Sandy, which she has continued since the tragedy. You go, girls!

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As for the “sweetheart” of the house, Sammi has her own line of super cute gym clothes, and is working on a line of blinged-out iPhone cases. She and Ronnie are still going strong, which is crazy when you think of all the fights and drama they had since Season 1! While we don’t miss them fighting, we definitely miss all the cute moments these two had together on the show. Though she had her sassy moments, Sammi really proved what a “sweetheart” she was by always sticking by Ron’s side no matter what, from holding his hand while he got a painful tattoo to being by his side during a hospital visit in Italy. We wonder what the future has in store for our fave Jersey Shore couple — perhaps a spin-off or a walk down the aisle?

As for our favorite tough-guy with a heart of gold, Ronnie’s been living the life lately. He’s got his own brand of beverages called Smush Cocktails, which makes perfect sense for this master of Ron-Ron Juice! He recently purchased a sexy new car that we know he and Sam will love riding around in together.

Speaking of cars, The Situation has an impressive collection that he loves to show off to fans and haters alike. In between loving on his adorable new dog, Moses, the Sitch has been dabbling in a number of different projects, including a fashion line of custom apparel and accessories, and making an ad with PETA. Mike’s also been making impressive strides in his new sober lifestyle and we couldn’t be more proud of him.

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If you need your Vinny fix, don’t worry — you’ll be able to catch more of the fresh-to-death guido and crazy family on his upcoming spin-off, The Show With Vinny, in which he welcomes celebs like Lil Wayne into his family home on Staten Island to experience some real Italian cooking! Vinny is following in the footsteps of his BFF Pauly D, who has his own reality show The Pauly D Project. Hopefully Pauly D will make a guest appearance, because we really miss their adorable bromance and wonder if these two are still hanging out. (Our guess is yes!)

And of course, Vin’s BFF DJ Pauly D has continued to make a name for himself in the music and entertainment world, opening for the legendary Britney Spears (who gave him that infamous lap dance!) and releasing music videos for his new songs. There’s been talk of an album, and we hope he follows through on that — especially after his epic, fist-pumping single, “Back to Love” featuring Jay Sean, which we’re still listening to non-stop. Though we don’t know if The Pauly D Project is coming back for another season, our fingers are crossed!

Last but not least, let’s catch up Deena Nicole. Though she came to the Shore House later in the game — replacing drama queen Angelina as the new roommate in Season 3 — Deena has made a name for herself since first appearing on Jersey Shore as Snooki’s meatball. She’s looking chic and svelte these days, having recently walked in a runway show for the first annual Reality of Fashion/Reality of AIDs charity event on Feb. 9, and preparing for Dancing With the Stars when, not if, they cast her! Though she’s spoken to Snooki and Pauly a few times, Deena’s mostly been doing her own thing, which includes spending tons of quality time with her boyfriend, Chris.

We love keeping up with our favorite guidos and guidettes, but are you surprised by any of their careers? Tell us below!