Kim Kardashian Loves Her Fans — and BF Kanye Hasn’t Changed That!
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Kim Kardashian Loves Her Fans — and BF Kanye Hasn’t Changed That!

Kim Kardashian knows she has some explaining to do. And the pregnant reality star is more than ready to help clear things up.

Earlier this week, the Internet was flooded with headlines like Does Kim Kardashian Hate Her Fans? after an interview circulated in which Kim appeared to say that boyfriend Kanye West is making her refuse to speak to fans.

“My boyfriend has taught me a lot about privacy,” Kim told Du Jour magazine. In her pre-Kanye days, Kim said she would sign autographs and take photos with fans whenever. Now that she’s with Kanye, things have changed.

“I just tell them, sorry, but my boyfriend won’t let me!” Kim said.

On February 22, Kim penned a personal note on her blog in an attempt to explain what she actually meant by those comments.

Kim Kardashian Loves Her Fans — and BF Kanye Hasn’t Changed That!
Credit: Kim Kardashian on Instagram    

“It’s not uncommon for the media to take things you say in an interview out of context, or twist them to make a story more interesting,” she writes. “In a recent interview I was asked what Kanye had taught me that I value the most. I said privacy.”

So Kim values privacy more than she used to. How does that change things in her in everyday life?

“So if someone came up to the table at dinner, I used to get up, take pics and sign an autograph in the middle of our meal. Now, I know that this time is our private time, and I absolutely will as soon as I’m done eating!” she says.

Just to clarify, Kim says she is still game for meeting her fans. “It’s not that he won’t let me sign autographs for my fans… far from it! Just as soon as we’re done! Totally understandable! I have learned to understand the importance of privacy and boundaries, something that I haven’t really learned to embrace before.”

Hear that, Internet? Kim still loves you. She just wants the chance to spend one-on-one time with her boyfriend, too.

Source: Kim Kardashian’s Blog