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Kristen Stewart Parties With Rob Pattinson’s Friends While He’s Gone!

Who doesn't love sushi with friends even when it's your boyfriend's friends?

Kristen Stewart went out for sushi with Robert Pattinson's friends on February 20 and seemed to be having a super time, according to Hollywood Life.

Kristen was out with Rob's bestie Marcus Foster, along with three of Marcus's bandmates. Word has it that they were all celebrating the birthday of Kristen's best pal Scout Taylor-Compton.

“Kristen Stewart was here this past Tuesday night with a group of friends, a couple of girls and guys," says a source. "They were celebrating a friend’s birthday and sang 'Happy Birthday' to her. They all shared the hot chocolate cake." Suddenly, we're hungry for chocolate cake!

"Kristen was very nice and sweet, the source continues. "She was wearing a baseball hat. Her friends were also very nice."

Apparently, the sushi restaurant is one of Rob's favorite places, and the two Twilight stars have been there together before.

"Kristen has been here before with Robert Pattinson, but he has not been here for quite some time,” says the source.

Rob and Kristen are currently doing the long-distance thing as he films a movie in Australia.

We love that Kristen and Rob's friends are so tight!

Source: Hollywood Life