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The Bachelor

Lesley Murphy: Sean Lowe Can’t Handle AshLee Frazier’s Intensity

Lesley Murphy packed her bag full of bikinis and made her way home during The Bachelor Season 17 trip to St. Croix, but she's moved on from Sean Lowe's sexy self and is officially ready to open up about her competition!

Much like the rest of America (nay, THE WORLD), Lesley has been glued to her television as Sean narrows down his pool of hotties. As of now, Sean is considering a relationship with Catherine Giudici, Lindsay Yenter, and AshLee Frazier, but Lesley doesn't think he has a future with Linds or Ash.

"AshLee's a very emotional person and there's nothing wrong with that," Lesley explains to Reality TV World. "She has high-intensity feelings and that's fine.... But knowing a little bit about Sean and knowing a little bit about AshLee, I think they obviously come from two different places and I don't see Sean as being overly emotional or dramatic or anything like that."

It's true that Sean and AshLee's dates tend to be slightly dramatic (what with her constant tears), and Lesley doesn't think he'll be able to deal with Ash's emotional ups and downs. "I don't know if he could handle all these emotions thrown at him," she says. "I'm not going to say they're a bad match, because they may be. But as far as the intensity of her feelings go, if they were to end up together, I would just hope that he would know how to handle it and support her with that."

Lesley also thinks that AshLee's biggest competition, Lindsay Yenter, lacks an emotional relationship with Sean (sigh, its like none of these gals can win). "It was kind of the same with Lindsay and Sean as it was with Desiree and Sean to me," she says. "I saw a big connection with them as well. I saw a physical connection with them. I don't know if it went really deep, so it seemed like they were having a great time every time I saw them."

Sounds like Sean is a hard man to please — but we can't help noticing that Lesley doesn't have one bad thing to say about Catherine. Does that mean she thinks Sean and Chatty Cathy are a match made in heaven? We'll have to wait until the "Women Tell All" special to find out!

Source: Reality TV World