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How Did Usher Discover Justin Bieber?

Usher is pretty much a God amongst men. He sees wandering prepubescent minstrels, touches their heads with his fedora, and BOOM. They become internationally famous mega-stars. But despite rumors to the contrary, Usher did not discover Justin Bieber. That honor belongs to Scooter Braun, a hip-hop manager who came across The Biebz's videos on YouTube and immediately fell in love with his man-bangs.

Scooter introduced Justin to User shortly after discovering him, and they signed a three-way publishing venture at Raymond Braun Media Group and a recording contract with Island Records. The rest is history! Justin and Usher are total brosefs, have performed together, and Usher even made a cameo in Justin's movie, Never Say Never (OMG, we won't Justin! We won't ever say never!).

"When I met him, his personality won me over," Ush tells the Los Angeles Times. "When he sang, I realized we were dealing with the real thing. His voice just spoke to the type of music I would want to be associated with. And it wasn’t a gimmick — we had to teach him how to dance and be on stage, but he really had a good voice."

As you might expect, Usher monitors all of Justin's creative endeavors. "Aside from Justin being my protégé, we stay in contact with each other by way of iChat or Blackberry, just to stay in the loop with him. But when we’re working on the album, we work very close-knit in the studio."

Sigh, this is the most beautiful bromance since Justin Timberlake and Nick Carter. Oh wait, they were mortal boyband enemies.

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Source: Los Angeles Times

02.24.2013 / 08:30 PM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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