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The Bachelor

Tierra Shocks at Bachelor’s Women Tell All — What Went Down? Exclusive

Despite Tierra LiCausi’s brother telling us just days ago that she wanted to put her Bachelor experience behind her, she did end up flying to LA for the taping of Women Tell All on February 22. Wetpaint Entertainment has exclusive details on all the drama she brought with her.

Fitting for someone who spent most of her onscreen time alone, Miss Tierra didn’t take a seat in the audience with the rest of the ladies. We’re told she was kept backstage during the first few hours of the taping. But her ears must have been burning, because we’re told the women had a lot of fun at her expense.

“Everyone else was getting along great with each other,” a source tells Wetpaint. “But they were ALL sh*t-talking Tierra.”

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When she was finally brought out, her first priority was, of course, to remind everyone of her sparkle. “She kept saying how when she walks into a room, the whole place lights up and how truly sweet and fun she is.” Ooh, that’s awkward. “Everyone else was looking at her like, ‘Huh?’ It was very bizarre.”

And when it came to accepting responsibility for her part in the feuding, Tierra wasn’t having it. “She blamed everyone else, saying all the girls had been against her from the beginning because she got that first rose outside of the house,” the source continues. “She said everyone turned on her.”

Robyn (Howard) and [Tierra] went at it the hardest. Robyn straight-up told her she was crazy. Tierra finally offered an apology, but it seemed really phony. She said, ‘If I offended anyone, I’m sorry.’ The other girls didn’t seem like they were buying it for a minute.”

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It was host Chris Harrison who brought up Tierra’s recent, surprise engagement. “He was cute about it,” our source explains. “He goes, ‘Speaking of sparkle…’ and looked at her ring finger.”

Confirming Wetpaint’s original story, Tierra said her fiance was someone she had dated prior to doing the show and that he had proposed in January.

Did she stick around long enough to face Sean? Hell to the no. “As soon as she was done, she was out of there. She left the building. Before she left, she told everyone she doesn’t even watch the show anymore. No one believed her.”

What other fireworks — besides Tierra’s sparkle — went down during Women Tell All? You’ll have to tune in on March 4 to see!