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Jersey Shore

Vinny vs. Pauly D: Whose Tattoo Is Better? (PHOTOS)

Pauly D and Vinny may be guido bros, but that doesn't mean they can't have a friendly tattoo battle, right?

One of Vin's tattoos is the saying, "Let Go Let God," written across his chest — an important phrase in Alcoholics Anonymous, although it's not confirmed if that was Vinny's intention. On the other hand, one of Pauly's tattoos is a dragon swirling up his bicep — perhaps not as emotionally involved as Vinny's, but hey, maybe our favorite DJ has a deep connection to the fire-breathing mythical creatures!

We know it's hard to pit such tight bros against each other, but who do you think has the better tattoo? Vinny's inspirational message on his chest, or Pauly's bad-to-the-bone dragon on his arm? Vote in the poll below!

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