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The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead’s Laurie Holden Is Frustrated: “Why Is Everyone So Upset With Andrea?”

It can't be easy to be Laurie Holden during The Walking Dead Season 3. Her character, Andrea, has always been on a different path from the Andrea in the comics, but this season her path led her to The Governor (David Morrissey). Not only that, it led her to choose staying in Woodbury over leaving with her friend, Michonne (Danai Gurira), who saved her life at the end of Season 2 after the former farm group basically left Andrea for dead.

The back half of TWD Season 3 started on February 10, and special effects guru/producer Greg Nicotero told reporters (via The Hollywood Reporter) that Andrea's storyline will be at the forefront in the final episodes. We know Andrea is finally waking up to what the audience has already been shown about The Gov, but even by Episode 11 she was torn as to what action to take.

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But some fans are still hating on Andrea, and Laurie defended her character in a series of tweets on January 23:

• "So why is everyone so upset with Andrea? Up until now she didn't know the Gov was crazy. She doesn't watch the Walking Dead you know?

• "She didn't turn her back on Michonne. Meesch never explained ANYTHING and they wanted diff things...they left each other."

• "And when she sees her friend again, she is carving out the eye of the guy she has been dating. What would you think? It's bizarre!!!"

• "For the record, she didn't choose a guy over her best friend. She wanted a LIFE. Safety, protection, community..and wanted Meesch to stay."

• "An Andrea is of course Team Daryl....was there ever a question??? I love Normface:)"

• "If I had it my way I would have left with Meesch ep 5, met up with my prison friends, and protected my peeps:) But this is DRAMA folks"

• "One last thing: I am an ACTRESS who plays the role of "Andrea". Laurie Holden is not ANDREA. I know that is groundbreaking news for some..."

Dang right. If you're not happy with Andrea this season — and we have to agree that her character could’ve been better served — take it up with The Big Dogs, not the actress hired to play out a storyline. We hope Andrea survives into Season 4 so we can just put this whole sordid romance behind us, and she can get back to kicking ass.

Do you still love Andrea? Are you confident her character will figure out what to do, or are you now just ready to be done with her?

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Sorry, but I'm ready to be done with Andrea

I believe in Andrea!

02.25.2013 / 08:54 AM EDT by Gina Carbone
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