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The Bachelorette

Bachelor Nation on Sean and Lindsay’s Thai Date: “She Wants It Too Badly”

Sean Lowe sailed his final three girls off to southern Thailand for the (drum roll, please!) fantasy suites. First up? Darling Lindsay Yenter, who can’t stop talking about “how blessed” she is and how much she loves Sean. Sean, for his part, is equally smitten. “I feel like I’m with my highschool sweetheart,” Sean said, adding, “And that’s what I’m looking for in a marriage.”

To show Lindsay just how fun he is, Sean takes Lindsay to a “traditional” Thai market, makes her eat bugs, and then they frolic on a beach with baby monkeys. “I feel like I’m a movie,” Lindsay said, right before she told Sean she’s crazy in love with him. Is Lindsay the girl for Sean? Here’s a roundup of our favorite reactions to their date:

Chris Bukowski@chrisjbukowski
Lindsay just said being at a market is adventurous....what? #bachelor
Jennifer Weiner@jenniferweiner
Food market! "Our days could be just like this." Only with bitter recriminations about who forgot the recycled grocery bags. #bachelor
Nick Peterson@PeetysTraining
She ate a bug with you. #keeper #thebachelor
People magazine@peoplemag
Somewhere Desiree is watching Lindsay eat a grasshopper while crying into a glass of goat's milk. #bachelor
Jennifer Weiner@jenniferweiner
Beach monkeys: adorable. Sean's swim trunks: not so much.#bachelor
Dana Weiss@Possessionista
If you can get her to eat bugs, just imagine what you can get her to do in the fantasy suite. #Bachelor
Billy Bush@billybush
feeling sweet Lindsay wants it too badly. Every moment has to be funny, amazing. Afraid of quiet moments where nothing happens#thebachelor
Dana Weiss@Possessionista
You, @SeanLowe09 are no Leonardo DiCaprio. #Bachelor
Jennifer Weiner@jenniferweiner
"It felt like I was in heaven." So Lindsay's heaven is a carnival where a sweaty guy feeds her banal compliments. #bachelor

02.26.2013 / 07:03 AM EDT by Whitney Ricketts
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