Catfish Reunion Show: Nev Schulman Gives Season 1 Update on Kya & Dani – Exclusive
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Catfish Reunion Show: Nev Schulman Gives Season 1 Update on Kya & Dani – Exclusive

Ever wondered what happened after the cameras turned off on MTV’s Catfish: The TV Show? Tonight, Catfish: The Reunion Show brings together the most memorable catfishers and their catfishees for a sit-down with stars Nev Shulman, Max Joseph and MTV’s Suchin Pak.

“You can expect to see some smiles and some really warm and wonderful hellos,” Nev told Wetpaint Entertainment at Viacom’s Social Media Week panel in New York City. “But naturally, there were some people on the show who chose to discontinue their communication after the episode. There are still some sour, hard feelings.”

However, there’s one couple that didn’t make it to the reunion special. We got the scoop from series star Nev on the relationship status of one of our favorite couples from Season 1. Prepare to be heartbroken, Catfish fans.

When Catfish: The Reunion Show airs, Kya and Alyx won’t be present. The couple unfortunately split after Max’s cameras stopped rolling.

You probably recall when Kya first met "Alyx" online, she used a fake name and fake pictures. She later told him the truth, and Alyx forgave her. Nev helped Kya finally meet Alyx, who actually turned out to be a transgender man named Dani. Despite the lie, Kya accepted Dani, and things seemed to be going strong between the couple at the end of the episode.

“The important thing to remember, and this is why I’m so happy to be doing this show, is even when two people are who they say they are, it doesn’t change the fact that they still have their own lives, and the fantasy of an online relationship, which can exists between two people who are thousands of miles away, doesn’t necessarily translate into a real-life relationship,” explained Nev.

“Real-life relationships are tough, and long distance relationships are even tougher,” he added. “Kya and Dani were a perfect example. Even though they fell in love, the physical hurdles and barriers that separated them were just too great to maintain a relationship. They’re still really great friends.”

But one colorful character who will be on tonight’s reunion is Chelsea, whose trickery in the Season 1 pilot stunned viewers and helped set the tone for the entire series.

“I probably stayed in touch with Chelsea the most.” Nev said. “I’ve been impressed with her transformation. She went from being a, I think, selfish, unhappy, closeted lesbian to a really warm and helpful and honest person who is changing lives. I think that’s great.”

Tune into Catfish: The Reunion Show on Monday, February 25 at 11 p.m. ET on MTV.

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