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Teen Mom

Kailyn Lowry Doesn’t Believe in God! Is Javi Cool With Her Atheism?

Unlike the rest of the Teen Mom Universe, Kailyn Lowry has no love for The Man Upstairs. She's a straight-up atheist, which means that Jesus is not her homeboy. "Being ignorant is pushing your beliefs on other people," Kailyn tweeted to a fan back in April 2012. "I can still be a good person if I don't believe in God."

Amen, sister. And we're using "amen" in a strictly non-religious sense, of course. But wait! Kailyn is newly married to a handsome Air Man named Javi Marroquin, and it looks like this dude might be a church-goer. Does he mind the fact that Kailyn is a non-believer?

"For the millionth time! I don't care if kail doesn't believe in God," Javi tweeted on February 25. "Who am I to tell her what to believe in!"

Wow, we love how open Kailyn and Javi are about each other's beliefs! And for those of you who remember the fact that Kailyn celebrated Christmas on Teen Mom, rest assured that it was a one-off. "I don't celebrate Christmas," Kailyn tweeted on April 12. "I have in the past, but I didn't have a tree last year."

Hmmm, does this mean Isaac doesn't get presents during the holidays?! Either way, we're proud of Kailyn for sticking to her guns. Best mom ever!

Oh, and in other news Javi believes in magic. No, like actually. We think he might be Harry Potter.