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Kristen Stewart Depressed at Oscars Because Rob Pattinson Didn’t Call

Kristen Stewart may have appeared to be in good spirits during the 2013 Oscars, but that just shows what a talented actress she really is.

Kristen, who presented the award for Best Production Design with Daniel Radcliffe at this year's Oscar ceremony, was very down about the fact that Robert Pattinson didn't wish her well, according to Hollywood Life.

“Kristen Stewart was VERY depressed at the Oscars,” a source says. “She thought Robert Pattinson would at least call and congratulate her, but he didn’t at all."

"She kept her phone near her and checked it for texts, but they never came," the source added.

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Adding to Kristen's misery was her foot injury suffered prior to the ceremony, which she was reportedly "mortified" about.

“It was just a bad weekend, between the injury and being lonely," according to the insider. "She felt dumb and was holding back tears the whole night. Kristen was on the verge of tears during [the] Oscars because Rob didn’t call her.”

"She just wants some attention from him, but he won’t give her the time of day," continues the source. Aww!

Rob is currently filming a new movie in Australia, and rumor has it that the distance is taking its toll on the Twilight couple.

We thought Kristen did a great job at the Oscars, so let's hope that Rob had a solid reason for not being able to call!

Source: Hollywood Life