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NBC Reporter Has Worn Same Pants For 11 Straight Days

There's a reason why Michelle Kosinski is a news reporter and not a fashion one.

The NBC news correspondent confessed to Today that she has currently been wearing the same pants for 11 straight days without washing them. Be afraid.

She explains that she is currently covering the Oscar Pistorius case in South Africa and only brought one pair of pants with her, not realizing how long she would have to stay in the country.

She says she hasn't had time to dry-clean the pants, as she only has a few hours off per day and never knows when she'll be called to go in front of the camera.

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So will the streak end at 11 days? Let's hope so!

"I may have to go in for a day 12 tomorrow, but am sticking with the leggings as long as I can get away with it," she says. So much for TV work being glamorous!

Then again, we suppose this is better than the TV news anchors who supposedly wear nothing but underwear when they're sitting behind the news desk.

Source: Today

02.26.2013 / 03:14 AM EDT by Ryan Gajewski
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