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Revenge Season 2 Spoiler: Jack Porter Vows to Take Down the Graysons

Just when we thought Jack Porter was a little too innocent to hang with the likes of Emily Thorne, the floppy-haired barkeep amps up his game. On Revenge everyone’s got an agenda, and now Jack’s about to get serious in his vendetta against the Graysons.

They were responsible for the death of his wife and baby mama, after all.

“Because he now knows way too much — although he’s still grasping at details — I think we’re about to see the birth of a new, smarter, meaner, revenge-y Jack Porter,” Gabriel Mann told TVLine. “That’s what I’m going to tease for the rest of the season.”

Jack with a mean streak? Color us curious! Since the start of the show, Mr. Porter has been the moral compass for the rest of the Hamptonites. But with this naive seaman suddenly going rogue, will the show have any more innocents?

The good news is that Jack’s new mission makes him a bit worthier of Emily Thorne’s affections. And apparently, Jemily is preparing for round two.

"The rest of the season will be drawing Jack and Emily back into each other's circles, with Emily finding it very difficult to continue keeping her secret," show creator Mike Kelley told TV Guide.

Would you like to see these two get together? Tell us below!

Source: TVLine, TV Guide

02.26.2013 / 01:30 AM EDT by Rachel McRady
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