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Teen Mom

Teen Mom 2’s Leah Messer Calls Herself a Bitch!

Was anyone else shocked by Leah Messer's behavior during this week's epically Uggtastic episode of Teen Mom 2 on February 25? We know she was going through a tough time, what with the fleets of backwoods boy toys who kept throwing themselves at her, but girl. Get it together!

At the time this season of Teen Mom 2 was filmed, Leah had just accepted a proposal from Jeremy Calvert, yet she still had feelings for ex-husband Corey Simms. But the worst part? Instead of letting Jeremy go, Leah juggled her men and kept poor Jeremy hanging while she figured out her feelings for Corey.

As you might expect, even Leah is less than impressed with her behavior! "Omg, I was a #bitch to my husband!" she tweeted on February 25. "#PoorGuy @Calvert505."

We would never go so far as to call Leah a Witch With a Capital B! After all, at least she was upfront with Jeremy about her feelings. "I was honest with Jeremy, and that's what has brought us to where we are now!" she tweeted. "Couldn't be any #Happier!"

Nowadays, Leah and Jeremy are more in love than ever, and Leah just gave birth to their baby daughter on February 4! Oh, and if you're worried about Corey, don't be. This Southern gent is happily engaged and in the midst of wedding planning!