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The Lying Game

The Lying Game Spoilers for Season 2, Episode 8: Who Is in Danger?

We were left on the edge of our seats after last week’s episode of The Lying Game ended with one heck of a cliffhanger.

Dan’s (Tyler Christopher) fiance, Theresa, has disappeared after staking out Derek’s grave to potentially nab his killer, and nearly anyone could be a suspect. Will Season 2, Episode 8 “Bride and Go Seek” reveal any answers?

Series creator Chuck Pratt Jr. spilled some juicy secrets to Alloy Entertainment about what to expect this week, saying, “Overall, this is a taut, driving episode.”

With all everyone suspicious of one another, Chuck said it will be important to focus on the words and actions of Alec (Adrian Pasdar), Dan, and Rebecca (Charisma Carpenter).

In particular, Ted (Andy Buckley) has the most to lose as more and more secrets are revealed.

“Could Ted be involved?” asks Chuck in regards to Theresa’s disappearance. “Emma (Alexandra Chando) and the others have been wondering this for the last couple weeks... Ted definitely has some things to hide!”

Chuck also hints that Jordan should watch his back, especially if he is forming an alliance with Alec over Rebecca.

“People in cahoots with Alec usually end up dead,” he noted. “So... be careful, Jordan.”

And although Emma and Ethan (Blair Redford) seem to have reconciled, it won’t be easy to shake off the baggage of their past relationships.

“Sutton will never be able to get Ethan out of her mind,” said Chuck. “She may change tactics, but she will never give up. And Emma and Ethan are about to have a huge secret between them, that could again threaten their love. When those two get together, the world conspires to pull them apart. Will they ever be happy? Is Thayer really out of her life? You’ll just have to keep watching as the twists and turns keep coming.”

Don’t worry, Chuck, we’ll be watching!

Source: Alloy Entertainment

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