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Top OMG Moments From Castle Season 5, Episode 16: “Hunt”

Monday night’s Castle provided us with so many OMG moments, we’re not even sure if we need to preface them with a longer introduction. Our minds are still that blown.

Between learning that Alexis was the target for abduction, and Beckett and the team trying to crack the case, the mayhem of “Hunt” will keep us reeling for weeks to come.

Check out our top OMG moments from Castle Season 5, Episode 16, "Hunt" and be sure to add yours in the comments below.

1. Rick Goes Rogue

When our darling Rick Castle refused to wait for the the FBI to find his baby girl Alexis, he decided find his daughter on his own terms by flying to Paris and meeting with the kidnappers himself. His Liam Neeson moment was a bit short-changed by the lack of gun-play and fighting, but it was pretty badass nonetheless.

2. Beckett Loses Her Cool

Who else fell completely in love with Kate Beckett when she kicked the chair out from under that degenerate witness? We have to say, when Beckett laid the smack down, we got down on our knees and yelled “We’re not worthy!” in true Wayne’s World fashion. Kate made it pretty clear that she wasn’t going to stand for anyone messing with her guy.

3. Castle Gets Double Crossed

It was bad enough that Castle had to pay this shady Henry guy tons of money to find Alexis, with minimal results. Next, we had to see Henry sell out Castle to the kidnappers and take the ransom money too? It just seemed like our poor Rick couldn’t catch a break!

4. Grandpa Castle to the Rescue!

How befitting: as Rick attempts to save his child, his father “Jackson Hunt” comes to his aid — taking out several armed men, sniper-style, in the process. It just shows you, while paying a ransom for your daughter may cost 3 million euro, learning that your dad is a super spy who’s been following you your entire life: priceless.

5. Explosions and Gunfire and Running — Oh My!

Hands down, one of the best moments of the night had to be Castle and Daddy Castle teaming up to take down the big bad Russian KGB operative and retrieve Alexis. Castle finally got to use some of those cop skills he’s acquired from watching Beckett, Esposito, and Ryan do all the dirty work. And the icing on the cake? Seeing our villain blown to bits. Boom.

6. Caskett Kissing Time

We love it when a Castle episode ends in a Caskett moment. Beckett reprimanding Rick for giving her the slip was pretty sweet, as well as Martha and Beckett showing Alexis tons of love. What made the moment even better was the little gift Jackson sent to Castle letting us all know that he’s still around, somewhere.

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