Michael Trevino Tells Us How He Got That Hot Body – Exclusive
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The Vampire Diaries

Michael Trevino Tells Us How He Got That Hot Body – Exclusive

Why does it feel like all our man candy is leaving us? Sniff! We lose Steven R. McQueen (Jeremy), we lose Michael Trevino (Tyler) -- it's just not fair! Of course we still have plenty of gorgeous guys in Mystic Falls to brighten up the screen each week, but losing Tyler's hot bod from the show hurts!

We couldn't help but get a little nostalgic about seeing him strip down on screen in the in the wolf-tastic Episode 2.11, “By The Light Of The Moon”? The newly transformed werewolf was looking lean, mean, and delicious! In an exclusive interview with Wetpaint after the show aired , Michael told us he amped up his workout to look finger licking good for the transformation. So how did he get that physique? Read on to find out.

WP: How’d your workout change to prepare for the transformation?
MICHAEL: I upped it a bit. Probably a little bit of extra cardio.

WP: Take us through your workout. Did you start adding on three weeks ahead?
MICHAEL: Well, no because I stay in shape and go to the gym regularly. So I just upped my cardio a bit and, with the diet, I just watched what I ate a lot more. Especially when it got down to a week before we were shooting. And while we were shooting I made sure to just eat apples and bananas and have a protein shake. I didn’t want to have anything too much. Not that it wasn’t going to look like I was physically cut but I didn’t want to go through what I was going through on a full stomach. So I would just snack throughout the day on both days. Small little snacks every now and then. I didn’t want to feel full or uncomfortable. Even though I was really what’s uncomfortable with what’s happening in it, I didn’t want to put more on myself.

WP: How many crunches a day does it take to maintain Ty’s abs?
MICHAEL: Um. Uh. I don’t know. I don’t really keep count. Let’s just say a hundred. Yep. A hundred sounds good.

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