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Teen Mom

Why Did Kailyn Lowry File a PFA Against Jo Rivera?

In the Season 4 premiere of Teen Mom 2, Kailyn Lowry filed a PFA (Protection From Abuse order) against her baby daddy, Jo Rivera. So what the heck really happened between Isaac's parents and why did Kailyn feel the need to press charges?

According to Kail, Jo struck her in the arm and left nasty bruise. But Jo has a different side of the story — he says Kailyn backhanded him in the face first, and then he pushed her arm down in self defense. The fight all started over Jo's new girlfriend Vee and Kailyn's reluctance to allow her near Isaac. Unfortunately, MTV cameras weren't there to capture the altercation, so it's her word against his.

On the way to court in Episode 2, Kailyn admits that she pressed charges not only to protect herself and Isaac, but also to send her baby daddy a message. Both lawyers urge the young parents to settle the matter outside of court by taking co-parenting classes. The judge accepts the agreement and the PFA charges against Jo are ultimately dropped.

Did Kailyn make the right choice when she agreed to drop the charges? Tell us below.