Did The Vampire Diaries Originals Spin-Off Ruin Klaus and Caroline?
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The Vampire Diaries

Did The Vampire Diaries Originals Spin-Off Ruin Klaus and Caroline?

There is a sizable portion of The Vampire Diaries audience who would like to see a relationship between Caroline (Candice Accola) and Klaus (Joseph Morgan) explored. Now that Joseph Morgan is headed for The Originals spin-off, some worry any hope of such a pairing is lost.

As Julie Plec tells Zap2It, the possibility of Klaus leaving Mystic Falls for New Orleans for good didn’t fundamentally change the writers’ storytelling when it comes to Klaroline. She says, “If anything, the spin-off is just another version of an obstacle. Caroline and Klaus is a very, very tricky relationship, in that we can all understand why she's drawn to him, because we're drawn to him. But Caroline is not the kind of character who would ever comfortably let herself go there.” Indeed, the blond vampire has a strong moral core that might make it extremely difficult for her to forgive Klaus for all his sins.

As fans of the show’s main triangle know, the TVD writers are all about obstacles when it comes to a couple finding happiness. Klaus’s murder problem certainly seems insurmountable at this point. “Something would have to change, whether it's Caroline's character who changes or Klaus's character who changes, or circumstances that change, before we as writers would ever legitimately think about putting them together,” says Julie.

With Klaus headed out of town, it might make those alterations more plausible — or Klaus could go wild in the Big Easy. But don’t lose heart, Klaroline fans. Julie promises, “You can look at the Caroline/Klaus relationship as something that will live on, in a way, even when he's not on the show. The want is still there.”

Source: Zap2It