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Kate Gosselin Gives Kendra Wilkinson Good Advice on Celebrity Wife Swap: Do You Agree?

Sometimes you should give Kate Gosselin her due. She's not always right, and she does seem to put her kids in the spotlight too often, but she made a good point on Celebrity Wife Swap.

Kate and Kendra Wilkinson traded lives on the show's Feb. 26 episode, with Kate taking on Kendra's son and husband, Hank, and Kendra getting overwhelmed with Kate's eight kids and huge workload.

One issue that came up was Kate telling Hank that Kendra didn't spend enough time with their son. "By you focusing so much for caring for Kendra's every need and desire, I almost feel like you're enabling and allowing her to focus mostly on herself as well," Kate said (via Us Weekly).

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Kendra told Us Weekly her husband is very protective of her, so he wasn’t happy to hear that. Kendra also said she and Kate are "polar opposites. [Kate] believes that pretty much one minute away from your kids is something you'll regret. I believe the opposite, that you sometimes have to spend time away from your kids to be happy."

Even though Hank told his wife he didn't want her to change, Kendra acknowledged some of Kate's points. "She said you only get this moment once with your kid — this time, this age. I have a nanny and stuff like that and she doesn't really have a lot of help. She said, 'Don't let anyone take your moments from you' — and she was 100 percent right. But I still believe in having a social life! I do!"

You can still be a mom and have a social life, but if Kendra only has one child and already has a nanny and even Kate thinks she needs to spend more time with her son ... it's good that she's taking that suggestion to heart.

Source: Us Weekly

02.27.2013 / 10:51 PM EDT by Gina Carbone
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