Kristin Chenoweth Dumps Jake Pavelka! “He Was Desperate” — Report
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The Bachelor

Kristin Chenoweth Dumps Jake Pavelka! “He Was Desperate” — Report

Jake Pavelka's Plane of Love just flew into a foggy cloud of sads. That's right, he and The Good Wife's Kristin Chenoweth have officially parted ways after just three month of dating! These two met back in 2012 at an awards show for Hallmark (Kristin was hosting and Jack was presenting), but after a few blissful bonding sessions their love flame burned out.

"Kristin realized Jake had nothing going on in his life," a source tells Star. "The more she pulled away, the more clingy he became."

According to Kristin's friends, Jake was using his talented girlfriend for her fame. "They didn't trust him," the source continues. "He was desperate to extend his 15 minutes of fame and he was using her career as a step up."

Considering that Jake and Kristin stayed out of the spotlight for most of their relationship, we're not 100% convinced that he was using her. Maybe these two just couldn't make the relationship work what with Jake's busy schedule of flying around all day and Kirstin's even busier schedule of performing at the Oscars and being ridiculously fabulous.

Sigh, we'll always keep a place in our hearts for Kake. Sob!

Source: Star