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Lea Michele’s “Intense” and “Exhausting” Day on Glee: So Much Crying!

Last time we checked in on Glee's Rachel Berry (Lea Michele), she was hooking up with a dude who may or may not be a male prostitute, and had accidentally preggo'd her eggo. Oh, and she has no idea whether her baby daddy is Finn Hudson (Cory Monteith) or Brody Weston (Dean Geyer), but either way we are traumatized.

How is Rachel supposed to follow her dreams of ruling the world one hair flip at a time if she's changing diapers and massaging her cankles? And don't even get us started on the horrifying reality of stretch marks.

As you might expect, this gal is going to have a few emotional scenes coming up especially when she tells the father of her baby about the pregnancy. In fact, Lea Michele spent the last few days on set crying her eyes out!

"This scene I'm shooting at #Glee today requires lots and lots of crying.. At first it's therapeutic.. Then it just becomes exhausting! :(" Lea tweeted on February 25.

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Earlier that day, Glee creator Ryan Murphy had tweeted a photo of Rachel and Brody on stage, performing an emotional and dramatic duet. It sounds like the rest of Lea’s day was just as emotional.

“Wow that was one of the longest and most intense days at #glee I've had in a long time! I'm beat!" she later tweeted.

Hmmm, so what have we learned? Rachel Berry will be uncontrollably ugly-crying during an upcoming episode, probably because she's baking a bun in her oven. Chances are this gal would be emotional whether her baby daddy was Brody or Finn, but the intensity of the tears have us worried that Brody is the boo in question. Clutching our pearls, guys. Clutching. Our. Pearls.

Source: Lea Michele on Twitter / Lea Michele on Twitter

02.27.2013 / 12:52 AM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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