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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars: Should Aria and Ezra Call It Quits?

Aria (Lucy Hale) and Ezra (Ian Harding) have survived a lot on Pretty Little Liars. But even though school rules and even the vengeful "A" can't keep them apart, we're wondering if a small child might do the trick.

On Season 3, Episode 21, Aria was confronted with the idea that Ezra's son, Malcolm, might move to Rosewood along with his mom. This is good news for Ezra-the-dad, but could it be bad for Ezra-the-boyfriend?

When Malcolm was living farther away, Ezra's status as a grown man with a child to care for could be compartmentalized. It was something apart from his life in Rosewood. But if Malcolm moves to town, Ezra's daddy duties will inevitably increase.

That's great for bonding with his son, but where does it leave Aria? She is, after all, still in high school. Having a child around adds a whole new level to the age-difference problem that she and Ezra have always struggled with, and it's not something that will go away.

Is Aria's relationship with Ezra totally worth juggling her own youth and Ezra's new responsibilities, or do you think Aria should cut and run while she still has a chance?

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