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Was Castle’s Season 5 Two-Part Episode Filmed in Paris?

At the end of Castle Season 5, Episode 15: “Target,” an abducted Alexis is stranded on a rooftop with the Eiffel Tower in the background. However, in Episode 16, “Hunt,” some scenes with Castle seemed a bit green-screened. Castle’s Jon Huertas dished in a spoiler last month that the cast was going overseas, so we’re wondering — was this season's two-part episode filmed in France?

According to actress Molly Quinn the answer is yes and no. Molly tweeted that she was sent to Paris, where she filmed for five days. However, Nathan Fillion’s scenes were done in a studio. Molly tweeted:

“‘@Terri_Richards_: @MollyQuinn93 @Enoxiz It was nathan who was green-screened with his double with you in Paris, yes?’ Yes :)”

Creator Andrew Marlowe confirmed the Parisian scenes were genuine by tweeting that the hardest part of filming “Hunt” was “logistics and shooting overseas.” When fans asked why he didn’t just shoot Alexis’s scenes in front of a green screen, he replied that it doesn't “look as good.” Andrew went on to tweet that he felt the Eiffel Tower was an iconic place … to shoot a kidnapping scene.

Andrew tweeted that most of the exterior scenes (including scenery and buildings) were filmed in Paris, but it seems interior scenes with Nathan were shot on set in Los Angeles. Sorry Nathan, maybe next time.

Did you think that Castle’s Season 5 two-part episode was filmed entirely in France? Tell us below!

02.27.2013 / 11:12 PM EDT by Afiya Augustine
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