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Will Tina Fey Host the 2014 Oscars? She Says…

OK, it's down to you, Amy Poehler!

Amy and Tina Fey managed to please the majority of viewers as hosts of the 2013 Golden Globe Awards — which is amazing since awards show hosts are regularly ripped to pieces. So even 2013 Oscars host Seth MacFarlane joked about the pair during his opening, with William Shatner whining to him, "Why couldn't they get Tina and Amy to host?"

The Huffington Post asked Tina if she and Amy could host next year. Tina’s 30 Rock was on NBC, and Amy's show Parks and Recreation is also on NBC, and the Oscars air on ABC. Can they still host even with that network difference? "No, you can," Tina said. "But I just feel like that gig is so hard. Especially for, like, a woman — the amount of months that would be spent trying on dresses alone ... no way." No way? HuffPo said they were at least hoping for "a one in a million chance." Tina answered, "I wish I could tell you there was."

That's disappointing. Why shut it down so hard? It is a completely thankless job, but T&A (hee hee) worked magic at the Golden Globes, so if anyone could save the Oscars, it's them. Or maybe just skip Oscar hosts completely? Everyone hates how long the show is, so maybe just launch the thing with the first presenter and the first award, and have the stars/presenters introduce each new award and performance.

Source: HuffPo

02.27.2013 / 09:49 PM EDT by Gina Carbone
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