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The Bachelor

Are Sean Lowe and His Bachelor Fiancee Planning a Quickie Wedding?

Sean Lowe is moments away from introducing Bachelor Nation to his bride-to-be, and rumor has it that they'll tie the knot this summer! But what's with the rush to get married? "These two want to make it official pretty soon," a source tells Life & Style. "Everyone knows they want to hurry up with the wedding so they can, you know, get physical."

Sean and his fiancee have reportedly been meeting up for secretive romantic getaways to Los Angeles and Palm Springs, and make no mistake — they're seemingly desperate to get it on! "She doesn't mind that he's saving himself for marriage, she thinks it's admirable," the source continues. "But she wishes they could get married superfast!"

Sean and his gal pal might want to make sweet rose-scented love, but don't worry — they're getting married for the right reasons. "They're getting married quickly for love, not for the sex," the source says. "He's head over heels for her, and he wants to share that with the world."

And by the way, if you're worried that Sean's reclaimed virginity will give him a disadvantage on the wedding night, think again. This dude is a seasoned pro when it comes to hanky panky. "He'll know what to do behind closed doors," the source says. "So now they can focus on the big day — and then the big night."

If there's one thing we've learned from watching Sean wander around in panties all day, it's that his bride is in for a treat. We can't wait for these two to get married! Oh — and if you want to find out who Sean picked, click here!

Source: Life & Style