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Glee’s Top 5 Besties Ever — Including Faberry and the Unholy Trinity!

Sure, we love Glee for its romances, but the show would be nothing without its too-cute-for-words friendships. There are a lot of new besties that we’re loving this season like Sam-Blaine and Jake-Ryder but how do they measure up to the classics?

With that in mind, here are our picks for the ten best friendships in Glee history — and be sure to let us know if we left off your favorite. Cue the group hug!

5. Kurt and Mercedes

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These two sadly never got their own Bravo show, as Sue once suggested, but Kurtcedes was still pretty perfect together. Whether they were Cheerios teammates or even attending church, Kurt and Mercedes seemed inseparable for a while... at least until Kurt started dating Blaine. Though, we’re going to just pretend that Mercedes never threw that rock through Kurt’s car window.

4. Blaine and Sam

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Sure, there was a moment this season when Blaine wanted to be more than friends with Sam, and that would have been amazing, but we’re more than happy with them as platonic pals. Who could not love these two as friends, ever since they ran out of Dalton in superhero costumes after swiping the glee trophy? Blam forever!

3. Quinn and Rachel

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Faberry might have never turned romantic, as many fans hoped, but that doesn’t make these two any less adorable. We’ve loved their many, many bathroom chats not to mention their duets like “I Feel Pretty”/”Unpretty” and the fact that they helped get the Troubletones back into New Directions. And with Quinn convincing Rachel not to go topless this season, we can only assume there are more cute moments for them on the horizon.

2. Rachel and Kurt

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There are a number of reasons why we’re loving the NYC scenes this season, but a big reason comes down to one (made-up) word: Hummelberry. The two manage to bring out the best in each other - not to mention the best in their voices, as seen on “Defying Gravity” or “For Good.” We might not have approved of Rachel cheating to help Kurt win last year’s student-body election, but it was still a cute gesture. We love these two divas together!

1. The Unholy Trinity

The best Glee friendship is a three-way team: Santana, Brittany, and Quinn! No one can ever replace the Unholy Trinity in our hearts, as these three always managed to have each other’s backs - and always impressed us with their voices on songs ever since “I Say a Little Prayer.” To quote Santana, these three “start together, end together” and they top our list together!

I totally have a favorite!

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