Happy Birthday, JWOWW! 5 Reasons We Love the Jersey Shore Star
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Jersey Shore

Happy Birthday, JWOWW! 5 Reasons We Love the Jersey Shore Star

Can you believe it’s been almost four years since we first met JWOWW on Jersey Shore? She originally joined the cast to promote her Filthy Couture clothing line (RIP!), but ended up making some of her best friends ever, getting together with now-fiancé Roger Mathews, and becoming a reality superstar. Who knew?

In celebration of her 27th birthday — aka her “star birthday” since she’s 27 on the 27th — here are five of the reasons we love the guidette:

1. She’s super tough. JWOWW has never been afraid to speak her mind and stand up for her and her friends. She gave drama queen Angelina quite an earful when Ang drunkenly slapped Pauly D in Season 2, punched The Situation for disrespecting her in Atlantic City, and got right up in Sammi Sweetheart’s face during a fight about who wrote the anonymous note about Ronnie’s infidelities in Miami. And although she had her share of relationship drama with boyfriends Tom and Roger, she kept it together and stayed strong.

2. She’s an activist for equality. Did you know that JWOWW is dedicated to LGBT rights, marriage equality, and ending bullying? She recently did a photoshoot for the NOH8 campaign in protest of Prop 8, even posing topless to show support from her “girls”! She always did stand up for her friends at the Shore House, and we love that she’s taking her tenacity to the next level!

Happy Birthday, JWOWW! 5 Reasons We Love the Jersey Shore Star
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3. She’s hilarious. When Jenni’s with her girl Snooks, hilarity always ensues as the two feed off of each other’s blunt, bold personalities. But JWOWW is pretty damn funny on her own. She always said the darndest things on Jersey Shore, making us laugh when she fretted over her boobs or made snarky remarks about her roommates. And watching Jenni and her goofy ways on Snooki & JWOWW is always a pleasure, too!

4. She’s gives great advice. JWOWW’s always had words of wisdom for her roommates’ relationship problems at the Shore House, and let us in on some of her secrets to landing a “mint guy” and staying “fresh to death” in her book, The Rules According to JWOWW. Not only is the book super funny, but it also has tips to empower women in their relationships (and during painful breakups). Jenni’s still giving advice on her official website, where she writes about everything from health and fitness tips to her recent selfie-taking guide. Thanks, J!

5. She’s a caring, loving person. Even though she may have a hard, “don’t mess” exterior, Jenni is a total sweetheart inside. Did you know she used to be a nanny for special needs kids, and volunteered in Long Island to help make an impact on autism? We definitely saw how great she is with children when she babysat Lorenzo on Snooki & JWOWW, adorably showering him with love and affection. And of course she’s super cute with her dogs, Diesel, Noel, and Bella, whom she immediately went to “rescue” after a huge fight with Tom in Season 3 that left her locked out of her house. Even though Tom stole her money and a bunch of her stuff, her main priority was her animals. Aww!

So, what did this amazing guidette do to celebrate her birthday? She went to bed early, as she told us on Twitter, proclaiming herself “officially old.” Just another reason to love her!

What are your favorite things about JWOWW? Sound off below!

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