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Is Nashville’s Connie Britton Married?

Connie Britton is basically TV famous for being married (well, if you’ve only been paying attention in the past 10 years). First, she was Tami Taylor, the gorgeous wife of the football coach on Friday Night Lights with “hey y’alls” for everyone. Now, she’s the still-gorgeous Rayna Jaymes on Nashville — the soon-to-be-ex wife of now-Mayor Teddy Conrad. In real life, Connie Britton is formerly married woman — and she snagged that now-legendary last name from her first husband, according to her IMDb page.

Born Connie Elaine Womack, Connie met first husband John Britton while in college at the prestigious Dartmouth (where she was majoring in Asian Studies). Post-graduation in 1989, reports People, Connie and John moved to New York City so John could pursue a banking career while Connie pursued her love of acting. They married in 1991, but divorced just four years later in 1995. Connie told People in 1998 that she was open to marrying again, adding “but I want to do it right this time.”

Connie remains coy about who she’s dating, but hasn’t remarried in the 18 years after her divorce from John Britton — but her personal and professional lives remain full-steam ahead regardless of her singledom. In 2011, Connie adopted her son, Eyob (pronounced “Yoby”) from Ethiopia. In 2012, Connie moved to Nashville to concentrate full-time on filming Nashville.

But that’s not to say her romance has taken a backseat to Connie’s career as an actress and mother. “In my experience of watching Connie Britton’s dating life, it has not been Connie getting beaten out by 25-year-old girls, let’s leave it at that,” producer friend Sarah Aubrey tells The New York Times. Connie, for her part, remains playfully mum on her relationship status. “Let’s put it this way: The older you get, the easier it is to date younger men.” She laughed. “There are more of them.”

Source: IMDb, People, The New York Times

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