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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Lisa Vanderpump Opens Up About Life Before Becoming a Housewife

We can all pretty much agree that Lisa Vanderpump and Ken Todd are seriously adorable, and on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 3, Episode 15, we got to learn a bit more about their colorful (and very British) family.

Before arriving in Paris meet the other RHoBH ladies, Lisa and Ken took a detour to Saint Tropez to visit Ken’s son Warren and his wife, Sue. In her Bravo blog, Lisa talked about why she fell for Ken and the startlingly small age difference between herself and her stepson.

“One of the many reasons that I fell in love with Ken was the kindness he exuded,” she wrote. “We met when Warren was 15 and I was 21. As he explained he was married briefly for two years at 19, to a young wife who wasn't prepared for the challenging job of being a mother.”

Despite these challenges, Lisa Vanderpump described Ken’s scrappy rise from a night laborer to successful business owner, and how Warren has followed closely in his father’s footsteps. She also admitted her hesitancy over Warren’s relationship with Sue, an old friend of Lisa’s who’s 16 years older than Warren, has ultimately been proven wrong so many years later.

The intimacy between a couple supersedes the parental relationship and take heed — it is not a battle that is worth fighting,” wrote Lisa. “It took a while, a few years, that with hindsight was a complete waste of emotion. And now 26 years and a lovely grandson for Ken later, we would have to admit we were wrong.”

Lisa also revealed that her family in England hasn’t exactly approved of her decision to join Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, but she doesn’t regret it in the least.

“It has afforded me a plethora of opportunities and a smorgasbord of amazing challenges, and I wouldn't change it for the world,” she wrote.

Considering her foray into reality TV has garnered her own spinoff show, Vanderpump Rules, and an upcoming stint on Dancing With the Stars, we agree that Lisa’s done very well for herself!

Source: Lisa Vanderpump’s Bravo Blog